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Joola MAXXX 500

Joola MAXXX 500 Item NO: JOMAX500

US$ 61.76
red 2.0mm black 2.0mm red MAX black MAX

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Product Name Joola MAXXX 500
Item NO JOMAX500
Weight 0.1 kg = 0.2205 lb = 3.5274 oz
Category T.T. Rubber (In) > Joola
Brand Joola
Creation time 2020-02-10

Joola MAXXX 500 

Original Joola MAXXX 500 table tennis rubber

Pimples in
Sponge: max
speed: very fast, spin and control good
Made in Germany and original packing
The ball friend evaluation: back to Taiwan, dial, it is very easy to pick easy to pick out high quality back to the ball, but deficiencies inside is a small ball is easy to take. Cosco Taiwan to pull the ball integral feeling is good, she turned loop is easy to use, before the loop emphasize quality quantity stable and non-violence, front also said, slightly uneven surface or eat ability is stronger, in the process of slowly pull the ball, feel smooth feel, the release of power attenuation transition nature, various hardness measurement said very scale.
MAXXX 500 and thor is the product of a class, they compared with fast, sensitive impact on glue cotton have greater improvement and optimization, the overall control accuracy, power, rotation is pretty good, see euler set of rubber production technology is more to more highly skilled, compared with other brands of the same grade DE set MAXXX 500 forehand and backhand all appropriate, more suitable for use forehand, not the pursuit of absolute violence, but beg solid stable, on this basis, follow DE set of current popular brand affinity high-density stick set of glue craft, to steadily strengthen the elasticity and strength, the MAXXX is hard soft, 500 representatives of the chivalrous frame of mind tenderness, worth a try.

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